ANTNET - Comunicações, SA was established in Portugal in 1998, with the intention of working the reception area and TV distribution, and communication via Web: Hertiziana, Satellite, Cable, and Wireless Net

Constitute ourselves as an anonymous company in order to facilitate the entry of foreign investors, following the strategy of expanding business across borders. Of that strategy emerged in 2003 ANTNET Digital, SL in Spain, Angola ANTNET Ltd in 2010, and the newly created: ANTNET - Americas Ltd in Brazil.

In the first year of operation (1998) ANTNET - Comunicações, SA arrived at: € 1,380,000 billing.

The outcome was very positive in 1999: + 23.4%, a situation confirmed in 2000: + 28.8% (€ 2,324,000), already with positive results and investment capacity. This past year we achieved roughly maturation in the domestic market. In 2001, we have not evolved at the national level, whilst growing in overall terms, the result of the external expansion, total: + 17.1% (€ 2,732,000). Due to an investment policy which did not return, in the DTH project which also was already maturing. I.e., costs rose more than sales, resulting in low profitability.

Last year (2010), our present levels of consolidated turnover of around Euro 5,500,000.00, ie four times more than the values obtained at the start of activity. With doubling of capital, dividends, and perspectives for expansion for 2011. Year in which we strengthen our presence in three continents in which we operate in a strategy to charge 80% of our sales in the countries along the Atlantic Ocean.

ANTNET was founded with the goal of providing technological means to facilitate communication between institutions and between people.

We dedicate our business to the distribution and installation of equipment for the reception and distribution of video/ audio signal and Internet with quality and meeting deadlines expected.

For this we create a dynamic company of professionals who strive continuously in order to achieve the objectives of the company and foster a win-win relationship in the sense of total satisfaction of all stakeholders.

We work with commitment to your satisfaction by ensuring that we meet their requirements and continuously improved in order to exceed your expectations.

ANTNET principles are:
- Professional ethics and honesty for the organization and community.
- Commitment of all in promoting the good image of our organization to market by providing quality services at less cost.
- Everyone should be aware that customer satisfaction is the foundation of the career development of each.